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Assateague Lighthouse history- The first Lighthouse was built in 1833.The lighthouse was not tall enough to warn mariners about the very bad shoals and sand bars that surround Chincoteague Island so in 1867 a new taller Lighthouse was completed ...the current one you see today that stands 142 foot high and sits on a bluff 22 foot high which makes it a total of 154 feet above sea level. The Lighthouse can be seen from 19 miles away.

History of the wild ponies of Chincoteague- There have been many stories and legends about the wild ponies of Chincoteague and many of the old-timers tell the tale of Spanish galleons sinking off the coast of Assateague and having gold and silver and ponies on board. In recent years in has been documented that ship wrecks have been found off Assateague beach and gold and silver has even turned up along the beaches so maybe the old-timers know the history pretty well.

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