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Assateague Tours on Chincoteague Island
Assateague Tours on Chincoteague Island is the biggest and highly recognized kayak outfitter on the Eastern Shore of Virginia offering premium kayak rentals as well as daily Kayak Eco Tours throughout Chincoteague and Assateague waterways. Our Kayak Rentals and Kayak Eco Tours take off from 7512 East Side Road Chincoteague Island which is located conveniently right across the channel from Assateague Island and the Refuge.
We will provide you life vests, paddles and a water map and you would be all ready to go for an exciting adventure with nature.  In a matter of minutes you could see the world famous wild Chincoteague ponies feeding on the marsh. You wouldn't believe how close to them you can get. It's definitely an unforgettable experience. Especially for kids...they always absolutely love it. Besides the ponies you can also see bald eagles, egrets, hawks, ospreys and all kinds of wild rare birds nesting around. We could give you suggestions where to go, where the best spots to explore are and how to follow the channels. It's nothing complicated, you can do it! Just call Assateague Tours at  757-336-6176 to book!
Assateague Tours take out adventurist tourists to visit the islands around Chincoteague Island and Assateague Island. We see the wild Chincoteague ponies as well as the Assateague lighthouse and all the nature the National Wildlife Refuge has to offer.

Kayaking is also great for couples who like to spend some quality, romantic and relaxing time being surrounded by nothing but each other and nature. We can show you how to get to a private secluded beach where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the islands. 
Assateague Tours has the biggest selection of premium and brand name kayaks on Chincoteague Island. In our selection we have single kayaks as well as doubles and we have sit in kayaks as well as the sit on top models. In our selection you will also find canoes and paddleboards. We can help you decide which option would be the most convenient for you and your family and friends. Renting kayaks is a great way to take your time, relax and simply kayak at your own pace around the island. It's perfect for couples and families with kids.

If you don't feel comfortable to go on your own we would be happy to take you and your kids for a guided Kayak Eco Tour

Assateague Tours offers the best kayak eco tours along Chincoteague Island and the Assateague coast. Assateague Tours will take you to remote areas of the National refuge for pony watching or bird watching. We will get you up close and personal with the wild Chincoteague ponies and all the wildlife Assateague Island has to offer. Just call us at 757-336-6176 and ask for the daily tour times and prices. Make sure you book the early tour to see the ponies!


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